Wave the White Flag

Waving The White Flag means to change your mindset around what your life should look, feel, and be like with chronic illness. A toolkit designed to end the fight against your health adversity and instead learn to coexist. Here you will find the tools necessary to sustain the pledge by strengthening your intuition and adjusting your life accordingly.


You can adopt new philosophies in addition to Western Medicine to approach chronic illness more holistically.

You can eliminate cultural expectations and focus on personal needs to enhance your centered self. Decreasing this stress will support your immune system and improve overall health.

You can discover resources and make lifestyle adjustments to sustain well-being with the help of tracking tools.

You can interpret your bodies cues and respond appropriately as you gain health knowledge.

You can teach others and connect with supportive communities so that Western Medicine will begin to include the social, environmental, and psychological components necessary for holistic healing.