How it all started:

I have spent the last 6 years of my life at war with Chronic Disease. After years of sleepovers in the ER parking lot, destructive medications, and many failed attempts to "get better" I decided to dive head first into the world of medicine and began my pursuit of an undergraduate degree in Public Health and Human Biology at Western Oregon University.

Through both my education and personal experience I have learned new tools and philosophies crucial to my healing process. Thus, The White Flag Project was born. With help from the practical experience of the many mentors that have accompanied this journey, I have narrowed down the most important tools to healing, things I wish I would have had.

Health is far more than the absence of disease. I believe that true health can be achieved, even in those who are chronically ill, if we stop trying to fight the illness and focus on healing a whole person.

In its current stage The White Flag Project is being sustained entirely from passion. As I continue to grow as a Public Health Professional and narrow what I consider the pillars of health, I will updated this site and eventually grow it into its full potential. Until then, all feedback is welcome.

Much love,